Saturday, 26 December 2009

One more...

The final of my Christmas cards for this year, this is a painting for my girlfriend of a Doraemon cuddly toy she bought me a while back. Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon character. Although pretty much unheard of over here, in Thailand his image is everywhere- on bumper stickers, posters, toys, DVDs- to the extent that I came to view him as some kind of adopted national mascot.

So here are the painting itself and then the image I used for the card, Christmassing him up a bit by placing him in a vast snowfield of photoshop snowmen, being observed by a solitary child. I like to think that the child has just finished singlehandedly building this great gathering of snowmen, only to be a bit puzzled and cheesed off that a gargantuan, magical blue cat-creature has just landed amongst them.

Pat liked it, so I'm happy.

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