Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I decided a few months ago that I really needed to properly re-learn my human anatomy, from the bones up. I haven't gotten as far with it as I should have really, but here are a few of my sketchbook pages. Effectively all of the images are copied from Stephen Rogers Peck's Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist and Sir Alfred Fripp and Ralph Thompson's Human Anatomy for Art Students, which are both very good books. The Peck particularly has got to be one of those essential books for anatomy learnin'. The latter, being an unabridged reproduction of a 1911 edition, has some fantastically entertaining snippets of text too:

'Sometimes the nostrils are much narrower than is usual or natural; in such cases the subject will be found to breathe almost entirely through his mouth, which he keeps constantly open.'


'It may interest the student to consider the association of a small chin and weak character. If he will take the trouble to notice a man who has recently passed through a great physical struggle, he will find that the jaw is dropped...He is not in a position now to force home arguments, even to a child.'

Worth buying just for those, methinks.

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  1. Really thorough sketches Ben. I recognize quite a few of these!