Tuesday, 5 October 2010

'Crucible' Sculpture at Gloucester Cathedral

Really impressed by this exhibition today.


Dozens of works by a wide variety of contemporary sculptors, dotted around the cathedral inside and out. I hadn't realised it was such a blockbuster exhibition, and wandered in blurb-free. The sculptures are only identified via numbers, and as I hadn't picked up the map on the way in, I had the pleasure of looking around without being distracted by the names of the artist, which made a refreshing change from most exhibitions. 

The setting is what makes it though. Gloucester Cathedral is a stunner at the worst of times, and the sculptures just seem to fit in, rather than fighting with the architecture. Curated with a light touch- the pieces are just placed where they seem to fit, with no fanciness or pretension. No pointless pedestals or over-the-top spotlighting. Some sculptures hide from view in alcoves or behind pillars. A big, rearing bear in the main entrance. Abstract metalwork standing next to the tomb of King Edward II.

Quite a brave undertaking I reckon, perfectly executed.

I had a flick through the comment book- only a few morally outraged remarks.

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