Thursday, 13 October 2011

James Gurney Dinotopia Print

As a quarter-century birthday present, Pat gave me this print by the mighty James Gurney. It's a picture entitled Dream Canyon from Gurney's first Dinotopia book, back in 1993.  Beautiful light, beautifully painted. I massively admire how effectively Gurney is able to translate his visions into a vivid, finished outcome that feels so real. He explains on the Dinotopia website that "Ever since my parents first set me in a sandbox, it's been my dream to create a world". Now I get a glimpse into another world every time I walk up the stairs.

Pat explained that she chose this specific image because it didn't have so many dinosaurs that it would be inappropriate for the domestic environment : )

If you've never visited, I'd recommend a trip to Gurney's blog Gurney Journeywhere the artist shares his insights and knowledge on a seemingly endless variety of subjects, arty and otherwise.

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